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MetáMask login is the most trusted and secured wallet that is used worldwide to control assets and trade with digital currencies. It is a kind of Ethereum wallet that is used by the investors to invest in crypto and trade. MetáMask login allows its users to control and securely store their account keys, transactions, digital currencies, as well as the tokens.

Steps to Use MetáMask Login Extension

To install the MetáMask login extension, follow the steps provided underneath.

First of all, open the web browser and enter the URL MetáMask login in the search box.

Click on the Add to Chrome button.

Once the installation process is completed, hit the Get Started button.

Then, you need to tap on the Create a wallet option.

Walk through the Terms and Conditions of the website and tick the agree box to create a login password for the wallet.

Note: you need to input this password each time you use the browser.

You have to set up a new login password when Chrome is deleted.

Now, click on the Import Wallet icon.

Read the instructions on the screen and click on the dark area.

When the process is completed, tap on the Confirm button.

Finally, you can enter the MetáMask login extension by clicking on the Foxface button visible on the page.

Steps to Sign Up an Account on MetáMask Login

To begin with, install the MetáMask login wallet on your device.

Then, click on the Create a wallet icon to generate a new Ethereum wallet.

Now, you need to tap on the agree or disagree option with the Feedback to move forward.

Generate the login password for the safety of your wallet.

After that, tap on the grey color area to open the seed phrase.

Click on the seed phrase word in the correct order.

To confirm your password, hit the Confirm icon.

That’s all, the MetáMask login wallet is ready to use.

Steps to Sign In MetáMask Login Account

First, open the MetáMask login extension.

Then, you have to click on the Sign In button to open a new page.

On the log in page, you will be required to input the email account and password in the preferred field.

If the information you have filled is currency, click on Log In icon to access the MetáMask login account.

Steps to Reset the Password on MetáMask Login

To start, move to the Metá login website.

Then, on the unlock view, tap on the Import using Secret Recovery Phrase.

Input the 12-digit Secret Recovery Phrase in the given box. Ensure that they are added in the right order.

Now, you need to create a new password.

Re-enter the password in order to confirm it.

Lastly, hit the Restore button visible on the screen.

Now, you can use this password to access your MetáMask login account.

Steps to Add Crypto on MetáMask Login

Go to the MetáMask login page or launch the MetáMask mobile app.

Click on the Add Fund icon. Then a QR code will be visible on the screen, scan the code to deposit funds.

Or, you can copy the address and paste it to your platform from which you wish to send assets.

Now, tap on the Account name and copy the address.

After that, paste the address in the Recipient box.

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